Women’s Rights Activists Flood Legislature with Valentines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 11, 2013

Cindi Branham

HUNTSVILLE, AL, February 11, 2013 — With a Republican supermajority in the State Legislature seemingly bent on removing women’s right’s to healthcare and reproductive choices, local activists are flooding legislators’ offices with “Valentines” in opposition of HB57.

“Starting on Tuesday the 12th, Legislators will begin to receive ‘Valentines’ telling them that ‘Women’s Rights are in Your Hands…Vote NO on HB57,’” said Dr. Amy Shadoin, local trauma researcher and women’s rights activist.

Dozens gathered Sunday afternoon to write the Valentines to all Senators and Representatives. The Valentines will be overnighted to Montgomery and received starting Tuesday. Over 1600 Valentine’s were signed by women and men asking the Legislators to vote against HB57 or SB130. Each packet also included two information sheets: the Guttmacher Institute’s State Fact Sheet on Abortion in Alabama; and the synopsis on TRAP laws as explained by the Center for Reproductive Rights.

“Passage of HB57 will deny access to basic health care utilized by uninsured women across the state. The result will be that these women will have no alternatives for receiving necessary and routine care such as check-ups, tests and screenings. This is what those in opposition are actually doing, because abortions are only performed a small percentage of the total care time at these clinics. Is that what these legislators are trying to do to tens of thousands of women of Alabama?” added Shadoin.

HB57 is one of many bills brought up by the Legislature targeting women’s health choices. While HB57 relates to clinics that also perform abortions (it would place the burdens of unreasonable physician involvement, define terms, express intent, require certain standard in treatment and care {including unreasonable and unnecessary facility requirements}, require reporting, and require the Board of Health to adopt rules and provide penalties), there are other bills in the House and Senate aimed at other aspects of women’s rights as granted by the Federal Government.

Dr. Pippa Abston, local physician, offered, “After reviewing this bill, I can tell you as a physician that it will neither increase patient safety nor reduce abortion. Our state can work to decrease unwanted pregnancies without misapplication of fire codes, sedation protocols and physician licensure.”


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