-Madison County Democrats React to Removal from Ballot of Supreme Court Chief Justice Candidate



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Chair Madison County Democratic Party
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Huntsville, AL, August 15, 2012— The Madison County Democratic Party expressed their support of and concurrence with today’s decision to remove Harry Lyon from the statewide ballot in the race for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Lyon was removed during a meeting of the Alabama Democratic Party in Birmingham today.

“We are elated that the State Democratic Party has taken this action in light of the vulgar and repulsive commentary made by the candidate on his Facebook page and to media across the nation,” Clete Wetli, Chair of the Madison County Democratic Party.

“The Democratic Party is one of inclusiveness, fairness, and equality, and these sentiments are out of line not only with our values, but the basic requirements for one serving in the judiciary. You can’t have fairness in a court of law with a judge who has called out nearly every type of person who would come before him in a derogatory manner,” continued Wetli.

The Democratic Party has previously stated that they have do not have another candidate in mind for the race, and will hold open qualifying Monday, August 20 through Wednesday, August 22.

The Alabama and Madison County Democrats believe in the equality of all people, the power of education, the dignity of work, and our responsibility to each other, especially the least of these people.  The Democratic Party of Madison County promotes and supports progressive ideals and candidates throughout our communities. www.madisoncountydemocrats.com www.aldemocrats.com

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