Local Democratic Party Chair Comments on 9/18 Vote, Criticizes State Republican Leadership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 17, 2012

Cindi Branham, Communications
Madison County Democratic Party

Local Democratic Party Chair Comments on 9/18 Vote, Criticizes State Republican Leadership

Huntsville, AL, September 17, 2012 — The voters of Alabama go to the polls tomorrow to make a choice between two bad options, while the Republican leadership in Alabama takes a “bye.”

Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton gave strong, eloquent speeches that clearly showed how this election is a simple but important choice for America. Warren intensified her criticism of Wall Street, reminding that CEOs who wrecked the U.S. economy with risky bets “still strut around Congress” and demand favors and benefits from lawmakers – all of which are not beneficial to the middle class.

“In the spirit of kicking the can – far – down the road, state Republican leadership provides the citizenry with two bad choices: Yes or No,” said Clete Wetli, Madison County Democratic Chair. “As State AEA leader Dr. Henry Mabry said Saturday at the Democratic Men’s Club, it’s likened to a choice between being shot or hanged.”

“Rather than focus on the business of the state in the 2012 legislative session, the Republican Supermajority opted to put the decision onto voters: rob the Alabama Trust Fund of hundreds of millions for the next three years with a Yes vote; or place the most needy in jeopardy: the sick, the poor, the elderly with No vote,” added Wetli. “People will literally die and lose their homes as a result of a No vote, yet the Legislature and Governor felt it prudent to place the guilt of the decision on the citizens.”

“Rather than face this as a math problem (revenue inadequate to cover the state’s basic services, the Republican Supermajority opted to make the citizens suffer rather than ask the very wealthy and corporations pay a bit more to live and profit in a state with a balanced budget.,” continued Wetli.

How far did the can get kicked down the road? Far enough that for the next two major elections, the Republican Supermajority will enjoy a pass on budgetary issues,

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