Democrats on Luddites, Utilities, and Healthcare. And Stubbornness.


Cindi Branham, Communications
Madison County Democratic Party

HUNTSVILLE, AL, February 9, 2013 — With Republican state leadership leaning away from the people in their role as utility watchdog and in support of better, more pervasive healthcare, local Democrats are crying foul.

“Gov. Bentley has written another chapter of his Luddite legacy as he embraces more coal and less healthcare for Alabama’s citizens. Unbelievably, after discovering that Alabamans are getting taken to the cleaners by big utility and energy companies, Bentley agrees with fellow Public Service Commission (PSC) Luddites, Twinkle Cavanaugh and Jeremy Oden who want to have ‘informal’ hearings where big utility corporate witnesses can spew spin rather than be forced to make statements under oath,” said Clete Wetli, Madison County Democratic Party Chair.

Wetli called for formal hearings, which will force the energy monopolies to be accountable to the public they serve. He offered kudos to PSC Commissioner Terry Dunn for trying to protect Alabama utility consumers.

“The Luddites are afraid their coal burning cronies might have to answer inconvenient questions about pollution or price-fixing. Bentley sounds paranoid and delusional when he speaks of ‘…groups… trying to infiltrate and change things…’ Could these be the groups that understand that fossil fuels are an inefficient, toxic, and finite resource? Wouldn’t investment in renewable energy create jobs in Alabama and help Alabama become more self-sufficient economically?” Wetli asked.

Wetli issued the following recommendations to the governor: “Gov. Bentley, progress is not your adversary; your nemesis is your stubborn resistance to positive change and your fixation on regressive ideology over fact.

“You’ve ignored the math on the Medicaid expansion and your math on job creation is a bit fuzzy. Your counting of “new, future” jobs is what folks here call counting their chickens before they hatch… that’s not math, it’s just hoping something might happen. This fixation on ‘We dare defend our coal’ and ‘We dare defend that a third of Alabama lacks health insurance’ is the same rancid recipe for crony politics that has stifled Alabama’s growth. The Luddites lost their war against progress and better technology – they were on the wrong side of history, much like the Clean Coal Trio of Bentley, Cavanaugh and Oden,” Wetli added.

The Alabama and Madison County Democrats believe in the equality of all people, the power of education, the dignity of work, and our responsibility to each other, especially the least of these people. The Democratic Party of Madison County promotes and supports progressive ideals and candidates throughout our communities.


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