Condemning the Republican Supermajority Misuse of Legislative Power


Cindi Branham, Communications
Madison County Democratic Party


HUNTSVILLE, AL, March 2, 2013 —Democrats across the state – including Madison County – condemned the actions of Republicans in passage of the School Flexibility Bills (now renamed the Accountability Act).

An education-related bill was pushed through committee and each house on the same day, with few legislators suspecting the changes and even fewer having reviewed the bill in its new form.

“The Machiavellian and deceitful manner employed by Republican legislators to pass the School Flexibility Bill marks a dreadful day in Alabama’s democracy,” said Clete Wetli, chair of the Madison County Democratic Party. “Although the substance of the bill is in itself a rapid catalyst that will further degrade the quality of public education in Alabama as well as economic development efforts, the more disturbing issue is how Hubbard and his cronies lied about their intent and secretly transformed the bill while in committee, then pushed through its approval.

“This flagrant act of under-handed trickery has been endorsed by Gov. Bentley who acknowledged that the bill would not have been passed had legislators known its content. The fact that our Governor has publicly supported this clandestine deception shows the utmost in contempt for our legislative process. For Bentley to claim that ‘secrecy was necessary’ to pass the bill shows a profound and disturbing disregard for the democratic process and transparency in government. Our governor has told Alabama that he condones lying, betrayal, and parliamentary trickery,” Wetli added.

Wetli added that Gov. Bentley is quite wrong when he claims that “…the political fall-out will pass.” Rather he is sure that this act of betrayal will long be remembered and the Democratic Party in Alabama will continue to fight for truth, transparency, and effective government.

The Alabama and Madison County Democrats believe in the equality of all people, the power of education, the dignity of work, and our responsibility to each other, especially the least of these people. The Democratic Party of Madison County promotes and supports progressive ideals and candidates throughout our communities.

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