Citizens of Madison County Demand an Accounting from Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard


Cindi Branham, Communications
Madison County Democratic Party

HUNTSVILLE, AL, March 21, 2013 — Recent actions and revelations about a powerful legislator’s ethics and intentions have some in Madison County asking for accountability and demanding answers.

“The people of Madison County have some serious questions regarding Republican House Speaker Mike Hubbard’s business practices and ethics while managing the Auburn Network prior to holding office,” said Clete Wetli, Madison County Democratic Party Chair.  He added that because of “Speaker Hubbard’s recent increased expenditures in the Speaker’s office by a staggering 4700% coupled with the Speaker’s solicitation of a large contribution from the Poarch Creek Indians, people want to know what the heck is going on in Montgomery.”

According to Bill Britt’s report in Alabama Political Reporter, there are three grand juries investigating Speaker Hubbard and Pro Tem Del Marsh.   It is becoming apparent to Britt that Speaker Hubbard is trying to use intimidation to keep the press silent by pressuring AL Reporter’s advertisers to drop their ads on the outlet.  The article may be found at

More information on Hubbard’s activities concerning the Poarch Creek tribe may be found in the article at  Additional information on Hubbard’s business ethics concerning his Auburn contracts, including reference to a sworn affidavit by the courier of sealed bids to Hubbard that allowed him to underbid and win the Auburn business:   To add to these, the raunchy Las Vegas behavior of his chief advisor, David Azbell concerning gambling:  (

“In light of these events, we think it’s time for Speaker Hubbard to set the record straight by giving the people a full account of his actions.  Perhaps the Governor’s office should also make a statement regarding these issues because people want and deserve some real answers.  Hubbard has made his reputation by publicly and fervently calling for integrity and transparency in government” Wetli added.  “Yet, he seemed to have no problem with the deceptive tactics that produced the ill-named Alabama Accountability Act.  He has remained silent on Azbell’s videotaped endorsement of depravity.  If he supports that kind of charade, what other bait-and-switch ploys does he condone with his actions, or worse, his silence?  As Democrats, we understand that we’re going to have differences with Republicans on policy and ideology, but I think we can all agree that ethics and the rule of law matter.  More and more, it appears that Speaker Hubbard and Pro Tem Del Marsh are more interested in amassing power than they are in serving the people of Alabama.”

The Alabama and Madison County Democrats believe in the equality of all people, the power of education, the dignity of work, and our responsibility to each other, especially the least of these people.  The Democratic Party of Madison County promotes and supports progressive ideals and candidates throughout our communities.                                      

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