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Madison County Democrats Blog


February 5th, 2015

Members complain that the Democratic Party has no message and no clear plan to retake the majority, despite good news on the economy that should have brought rewards at the polls. No path back to the majority in sight for Democrats: It’s easy for Democrats to paper over some of their midterm electoral issues, given that they control the White House, they feel they have a presidential demographic and electoral advantage, and that Hillary Clinton leads in the 2016 polls. But unless the party can figure out how to appeal to voters in right-leaning districts, drawn in many cases by Republicans, they are going to be out of power in the House until at least 2022, after the next round of redistricting. And there’s no indication they will be able to control the maps after next Census, given that Republicans expanded their majority of governors in 2014 to 31, and they now[...]

Vote NO on Tuesday!

September 9th, 2013

Madison County should vote "NO" to the referendum that will combine the offices of tax collector and tax assessor in the September 10 referendum. This measure won't save the county money and will end up costing more in many ways.  Both offices are held by Democrats:  we are under attack! The special election was mandated by the Republican Supermajority Legislature at $318,000 additional cost to the taxpayers Most citizens are not even aware of the election...why? The referendum would combine our current system of having separate offices of Tax Assessor and Tax Collector into a single office of Revenue Commissioner. The overarching reason to combine the offices is to achieve efficiency and savings, or so it seems… This is like comparing apples to oranges:  Tax Assessment and Tax Collection are two different skill sets, usually performed by two people with differing capabilities Would you ask your lawn care person to prepare your income tax forms Would you want the same doctor who replaces your knee [...]

The Selma March

March 27th, 2013

Huntsville-area Democrats marched across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, AL on March 3, 2013 with thousands of other individuals who came from different towns, counties, and states to commemorate Bloody Sunday - March 7, 1965. As we, and many others, locked arms and re-created history, it was a day that most, or all of us, will never forget! Photos of the Selma March: Dems on the Bus (pdf)[...]